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-Upside-'s profile picture. The logo is "U" for "-Upside-", with an arrowhead pointing upwards.

I'm a wild human roaming the vast, grand halls of Scratch. You might find me creating vector art-based projects. My main account is Flipped.

What am I?

Not sure

  • American
  • Male
  • Forum helper (on Flipped_)
  • Parallax maker

Best Project

My best project is Meteor Fall, a vector parallax. It's my favorite mainly because it's my neatest vector art yet, and the parallax movement is super-smooth, like a telescope swinging around. Meteor Fall also has the strongest sense of realistic three-dimensionalism of any of my other parallaxes. I'm really proud of it!

What I Like

I like vector art, helping on the forums (mostly on Flipped_), and the beautiful vaccuum of space.