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Never misquote people!

– George Washington

About me

Hi, and welcome to my user page! I'm an Asian tenth-grader who lives somewhere in the US of A. I sometimes find it hard to express my thoughts precisely using words, so take warning, for the content of this page is gonna be all over the place...[1]

Generic facts about me

  • Gender: Male
  • Classification: Homo sapiens
  • Age: A number between 0 and 200, inclusive
  • DOB: A certain day in a certain month in a certain year
  • Location of origin: a galaxy that blew up 100,000 years ago[2]

Less generic, semi-interestingish facts about me

  • I enjoy reading a variety of genres,[3][4][5] and sometimes I attempt to write my own stories.
  • I can speak somewhat fluent Mandarin, although my vocabulary is limited (and I can barely read or write anything. I know pinyin though).
  • I like to play the piano and to compose my own pieces.
  • I like math. (I'm Asian, okay?!)
  • I'm interested in computer science. (Once again. Asian.)
  • I'm neat, but not organized.

Let's see... what else should I type here?

On Scratch

I joined Scratch on November 15, 2014 and the wiki on April 24, 2018. I normally try to help[citation needed], but I'm still pretty new and inexperienced here... so... yeah.

On Scratch, I enjoy creating games, 100% pen projects, and random math-related stuff. I've had 3 projects front paged (and all of them were pen platformers... XD).

I can often be found on the Discussion Forums; I tend to lurk around the 3.0 Beta forum, QAS, Suggestions, and TIRaP. At current count, I have 3000+ mostly-constructive[citation needed] posts.

I can be a bit of a grammar freak sometimes, and I'll often spend a good chunk of my time on the Wiki obsessively correcting grammar on random pages :P When I'm not doing that, I'm usually either pressing the Random Page button in my quest to find grammar errors or reading over the Recent Changes. Lol I'm weird.


Mao is the greatest card game in existence.[6]

Um... I really don't have anything else to say...

I guess I'll be going then...

k bye


  1. Despacito 2
  2. It was truly a tragedy. I wept bitter tears.
  3. Feel free to recommend books to me :)
  4. Including fanfiction. Don't judge me.
  6. Where are your manners thank you