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Never misquote people!

– George Washington

About me

Hi, and welcome to my user page! I'm an Asian ninth-grader who lives somewhere in the US of A. An introvert, I sometimes find it hard to express my meaning precisely using words. Take warning, for the content of this page is gonna be all over the place...[1]

Generic facts about me

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: A number between 0 and 200, inclusive
  • DOB: A certain day in a certain month in a certain year
  • Location of origin: a galaxy that blew up 100,000 years ago[2]

Less generic, semi-interestingish facts about me

  • I enjoy reading a variety of genres,[3][4][5] and sometimes I attempt to write my own stories.
  • I can speak somewhat fluent Mandarin, although my vocabulary is limited (and I can barely read or write anything. I know pinyin though).
  • I like to play the piano and to compose my own pieces.
  • I'm interested in computer science.
  • I'm neat, but not organized.

Let's see... what else should I type here?

On Scratch

I joined Scratch on November 15, 2014 and the wiki on April 24, 2018. I normally try to help[citation needed], but I'm still pretty new and inexperienced here... so... yeah.

On Scratch, I enjoy creating games, 100% pen projects, and random math-related stuff. I've had 3 projects front paged (and all of them were pen platformers... XD).

I can often be found on the Discussion Forums; I tend to lurk around the 3.0 Beta forum, QAS, Suggestions, and TIRaP. At current count, I have 3000+ mostly-constructive posts.[citation needed]


Mao is the greatest card game in existence.[6]

Um... I really don't have anything else to say...

I guess I'll be going then...

k bye


  1. Despacito 2
  2. It was truly a tragedy. I wept bitter tears.
  3. Feel free to recommend books to me :)
  4. Including fanfiction. Don't judge me.
  6. Where are your manners thank you