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Version 1.0.1
Operating Systems Chrome, Opera, and Firefox
Developer(s) MegaApuTurkUltra, djdolphin, Firedrake969, PullJosh, GRA0007, thepuzzlegame, -PRO-, davidkt
Open source? Yes
Programming language JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Released? Yes
Compatible with Scratch Website
Official Website http://MegaScratchUserscript.github.io

MegaScratchUserscript or MSU is a large userscript that combines a lot of features from previous userscripts, and some new features, into one simple package.


"Making Scratch better, one script at a time."[1] This is a userscript that is a combination of many userscripts. Which saves you time and energy.


  • Download project button on player page
  • Extensions library
  • Quick suggestions forum support system
  • Front page feed and messages filtering
  • Support for changing the colors of the Scratch site
  • Message count in the title bar
  • and much more!


November 11, 2014- 1.0.0 is released.[2]


  1. http://megascratchuserscript.github.io/
  2. https://github.com/MegaScratchUserscript/Mega-Scratch-Userscript/commit/47c70bd2e18e8b48a4ff489291adee0acd3c0fc9