Lillion Profile Picture.PNG Just saying I am awesome! Also if you have any question please contact me on my main account's profile] or on my talk page]

Hello! I am -Lillion-! I really hope you enjoy the work I do around the wiki! My user page will become more exciting later. I joined scratch about four months ago. That may get out of date because I might become inactive sometimes. Anyway so I voice act, draw, do ARs and soometimes ATs. ARs are art requests and ATs are art trades. I just put that there in case you didn't know. I absolutely love scratch, HTML which is lucky because if I didn't like or know HTML I think I would struggle on the wiki. Easter 2018 I will be inactive for a while as I am going on holidays! I won't talk too much about that. To go to my talk page please use the side bar on the left of your screen.


Userpage / Talk / Sandbox / Edit Count / Contribs


What I do on Scratch

  • Make cool animation
  • Make pointless animations
  • Make complex and simple games
  • Collab

What I do on the Wiki

  • Edit (Obviously)
  • Welcome new users (When I come across them)
  • Make templates
  • Enjoy myself

I like

  • Rollerskating
  • Being with friends
  • Scratch
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My main account profile picture!