Hello! I'm Nova, mainly here not to correct scripts but grammar errors.

I enjoy writing as a past-time and hobby and I am a bit of a grammar freak. I like commas and semicolons way more that I should. I also like to draw and my dream career is the ambitious path of a Disney animator. I know Scratch (well, you expected that) and I'm learning Python.

I myself think I have a pretty good sense of humor, thought that's probably a bit biased, honestly. I laugh at pretty much everything and frequently kick in to a lot of sarcasm. I also like "babysitting" in a way.

I love listening to music. I often get obsessed with a song for about two days, listening to nothing but that song over and over, and then not listen to it for weeks because I got hooked on other songs. No matter what I'm doing - drawing, writing, playing games - I'm always listening to music even if it really does more harm (ultimate custom night).

I am obsessed with FNAF. Probably going to turn out to be one of those users that are almost NFE'd themselves. But nobody can stop me from editing the Wiki (yes, I'm one of those childish ones that ruin everything unintentionally.)

Feel free to talk to me on my talk page, as weird as I am I don't bite!