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About Me

Hi there! I'm --Waterfall--! I'm just your average person who loves Scratch, eating, playing tennis, running, and watching Youtube :)

On Scratch

On Scratch, I mostly make games, art, and help around Scratch. I am a past FPC, so I love helping others with their applications. If you want to look at my projects, you can go to my profile. I also help around the forums, and I'm usually pretty active there.

I really love graphic design and coding on Scratch! If you ever need any help, ask me :)

--Waterfall--LGBTQ+SupportArt.png --Waterfall--FloatingIslandArt.png --Waterfall--HauntedHouseArt.png

--Waterfall--IslandArt.png --Waterfall--ModernHouseArt.png --Waterfall--HackerGame.png

Outside of Scratch

Well, I still code outside of Scratch xD I play tennis, I rock climb, and I run. I also love food, so if you have any virtual food, be sure to give it to me ;)


This section in a nutshell: I have achieved a lot on Scratch xD.

  • 4000+ followers in 1 year, 1 month
  • 45 front Pages
  • Followed by ceebee, thisandagain, stymphalianbirb, ExperienceSea, Will_Test, PackersRuleGoPack, GLECK, -Auron-, JamesOuO and Dhilly
  • 39 Trending projects
  • 281st FPC
  • FPCA curator
  • 28 (hopefully) cool projects

Er... I think that's all for now ツ


Credit to bigpuppy for helping me out on the Wiki and for some code

Credit to asqwde for some of the code

--Waterfall--ProfileLogo.png Waterfall | Talk | Contribs 03:15, 25 April 2018 (UTC)