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The Red hacked block.

An undefined hat block is a block generated by an error. It can not be connected with any other block, and doesn't have any function.[1] It is the only red block in Scratch 3.0. Because it is hardly formed, little is known about it.[citation needed] People call it a hat block[2] but it is actually a combination of both a hat and cap block. One of the only known facts about it is it can be formed by naming a custom block an error character.[3] It can also It cannot be commented, and commenting before dragging will cause the block to follow the mouse, even after you click.


One of the only ways of generating this block is to edit  the project JSON file.[4] The steps are as follows:

  1. Make a new project and drag a block.
  2. Save the project to your computer and rename the .sb3 to .zip
  3. Open the .json file, locate the block, and rename it to something that doesn't exist.
  4. Change the file back into .sb3 and load it from your computer.
  5. The project should now have the block.

Another way is to name a custom block an error character.

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