Turn Video ()
2.0 Turn Video ().png
Category Sensing
Type Stack
Introduced in 2.0

The Turn Video () block is a Sensing block and a stack block. It can turn the webcam on, off, or on flipped horizontally, depending on the argument. Early in the Scratch 2.0 alpha, it was categorized as a Looks block.

Note Note: This block can turn on the computer's webcam. If using a webcam is not plausible, avoid usage of this block or click "Deny" on the Adobe Flash Player warning if one pops up.


The block contains a drop-down list of three options.

  • On — Turns the webcam on for utilization of the motion-sensing features in Scratch 2.0.
  • Off — Turns the webcam off which will cause the constant film pasted onto the Stage to remove.
  • On-Flipped — Turns the webcam on but displays the video footage in a horizontally Flipped form. This option is not available in the stage but only in sprites.

Example Uses

  • Showing the user what they look like
when gf clicked
turn video [on v]
  • Turning the video on, to use the motion like a kinetic game for the X-box
when gf clicked //in Stage
turn video [on v]

when gf clicked //in a sprite
 move (video [motion v] on [Stage v]) steps
 if on edge, bounce

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