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Turn Left () Degrees
turn left () degrees
Category Motion
Type Stack
Introduced in 13Oct04

The turn left () degrees block is a motion block and a stack block. The block turns its sprite's direction the specified amount of degrees counterclockwise. The block supports any input value from -179 to 180.

The block was known as "turn left ()" in Scratch 13Oct04 before being renamed to "turn left () degrees" in Scratch 28Feb05.

Example Uses

Direction dependent of value

This block is commonly used for repeatedly rotating a sprite.

Some common uses for the "turn left () degrees" block:

  • Simple rotation — e.g. planets and wheels
    turn left (15) degrees
  • Animation (e.g. a waving hand)
repeat (5)
    turn right (15) degrees
repeat (5)
    turn left (15) degrees
  • Vehicles that can turn
    if <key (left arrow v) pressed?> then
         turn left (3) degrees
    if <key (right arrow v) pressed?> then
         turn right (3) degrees


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

The block can be replicated by manually setting the direction using its value:

point in direction ( ( direction ) - ( amount ) )

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