Translate () to ()
translate [] to ( v)
Category Translate
Type Reporter
Introduced in 3.0

The Translate () to () block is a Translate Extension block and a reporter block in Scratch 3.0. This block translates a string from the automatically detected language to the chosen language using Google Translate. There are currently 48 languages available via the dropdown provided, but an additional 18 are also available by substituting in a reporter block for the language (for example: (translate () to (join [Albanian][]))).

This block requires a connection to the Internet, because it uses the Google Translate API to do so.


  • To translate something to another language
when gf clicked
say (translate [Hello] to (Dutch v))
  • To translate something to the user's Scratch editor language
when gf clicked
say (translate [Hello] to (language))
  • To create a game that allows several languages in it
when green flag clicked
ask [What language should "hello" be translated to?] and wait
set [Chosen Language v] to (answer)
if <(Chosen Language) = [English]> then
say [Hello] for (2) seconds
if <(Chosen Language) = [Dutch]> then
say (translate [Hello] to (Dutch v)) for (2) seconds
if <(Chosen Language) = [German]> then
say (translate [Hello] to (German v)) for (2) seconds
  • To speak something in a different language
when gf clicked
set language to (chosen language)
speak (translate [Hello] to (chosen language))

Bad word detection

When a user inserts an inappropriate word into the string input and clicks the block, it will not output the word. Some Scratchers have used this as a alternative to a whitelist for cloud chat projects[citation needed], however it is not allowed as users can still send mean phrases that do not use bad words or bypass the bad words.

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