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The What the Community is Loving (also known as "Top Loved") section on the front page.
The What the Community is Loving section of the Front Page is the row at the very bottom. It shows twenty of the projects with the most love-its in the last week compared to all the other projects in a random order.[1] It was formerly known as "Top Loved Lately",[2] and before that was known as "Top Loved Ever".[3] Each time the page is refreshed, it displays twenty projects in a random order. This section is updated every hour.[4]

Project Appearance

Front Page

Projects already on the front page, such as featured projects or curated projects do not appear in What the Community is Loving. However, curated projects can appear in that section of the front page after it is no longer curated.


Projects marked as NFE (Not For Everyone) do not appear on the front page, including the What the Community is Loving section.


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