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The Top Downloaded Lately row that used to be on the Scratch website.

The Top Downloaded Lately section of the Front Page was a module on the Front Page that displayed projects that had been downloaded the most recently. It was added on August 8, 2007,[1] and removed in the renovations of May 31, 2009.[2] There is no longer any way to access a list of highly downloaded projects.

It is unknown why this row was removed, but some suspect it was the result of many users discovering they could download their own projects as many times as they liked.[citation needed] There have been multiple campaigns to return it in the past, as it generally displayed projects of complexity that interested many users.[citation needed] Prior to Scratch 2.0, people always saw how many downloads a project has on its page. However, with Scratch 2.0, which is web-based, downloading projects is unnecessary to modify it and view the scripts, making this row unlikely to ever return.

In Scratch 2.0, instead of downloading, it was changed to remixing and instead of the row on the homepage being called,"Top Downloaded Lately" the row was renamed, "What The Community Is Remixing" which some Scratchers like to call, "Top-Remixed'.[citation needed]

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