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Example of thread hijacking.

Thread hijacking is when a user is replying to a thread on the forums asking a different question to the original question or suggestion on the first post of that thread. This can be found a lot on the Questions About Scratch forum. Most of the Scratch community believes that thread hijacking isn't a good thing to do,[1] as it creates offtopic discussion, and has almost no chance to be seen by other users.[citation needed]

If one has a problem with Scratch and wants to ask about it on the forums, they should do so by making a new topic and explain their problem there. More users are likely to help if the problem has a topic of its own.[citation needed]

Where is this usually found?

Thread hijacking can be done in any forum but happens more in the Questions about Scratch and Bugs and Glitches forums.[2] If one comes across a case of this, they should politely explain to the user that a new topic should be made and not become aggressive about it.[citation needed]

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