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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Dead link/doc.

This template is an inline template used on dead links.

What defines a dead link?

A link that:

  1. Now throws an error when visited (e.g. HTTP 404 or HTTP 403 on dustbinned posts) or loads forever (e.g. old comments on Scratch profiles)
  2. Cannot be changed to a new, still relevant link - meaning that the link is gone and no other link can replace it

is a dead link.


https://example.net/thispageusedtoexist{{dead link}}

[https://example.net/thispageusedtoexist link text]{{dead link}}

[[this page used to exist]]{{dead link}}

[[this page used to exist|link text]]{{dead link}}

Challengeable statement.<ref>https://example.net/thiscitationusedtoexist{{dead link}}</ref>

This produces:

https://example.net/thispageusedtoexist[dead link]

link text[dead link]

this page used to exist[dead link]

link text[dead link]

Challengeable statement.[1]

In the case of references, this template should be used to denote that the link used to be a valid citation but is no longer retrievable.

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