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This template is paired with the {{Collapse bottom}} template. These two templates create a collapsible box in which content can be placed in. This can be useful for collapsing down big talk page discussions. This template creates the box, in which the template Collapse Bottom will tell this template where the box is to stop.


There are 13 parameters available, all optional.

positional parameter number 1 or title

Title of the collapsible box.

{{collapse top|<title=hi>}}


This will show the following under the title: The following is a closed debate. Please do not modify it.

{{collapse top|<title=hi>|<warning=a>}}

positional parameter number 2

Overrides the text for warning

{{collapse top|<hi>|<custom warning>}}


Aligns the text in box to the left

{{collapse top|<left=a>}}


Sets the background color of the title

{{collapse top|<bg=#cf3>}}


Sets the width of the border

{{collapse top|<border=5px>}}


Sets the color of the border

{{collapse top|<b-color=#f4d234>}}


Sets the padding of the box

{{collapse top|<padding=20px>}}


Sets the width of the box

{{collapse top|<width=200px>}}


Sets the border of the box when it has expanded. Do not add an option for line style (dotted, dashed etc.)

{{collapse top|<border2=5px black>}}


Sets the background color of the box when it has expanded

{{collapse top|<bg2=silver>}}


Indents the box from the left of the page. Case-sensitive.

{{collapse top|<indent=3em>}}


If specified with any non-empty value, the box is expanded by default instead of collapsed.

{{collapse top|<expand=a>}}

Please see Template:Collapse top/doc for more information.

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