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The image for the Pen Extension in the Extensions Menu.

The Pen Extension is a Scratch 3.0 extension allowing sprites to control their pens, as well as stamp themselves onto the stage and remove all pen marks. They have a wide range of uses. Before Scratch 3.0, these blocks were not an extension, and were located in a category called Pen Blocks.[1] To use them, they must be enabled in the "Extensions" section of the editor. Older blocks are kept but hidden.[2] There are 9 blocks. Pen blocks are useful when creating a one sprite one script project, allowing the following actions to happen:

  • Stamp the sprite
  • Put the pen down
  • Release the pen

One example of a one sprite one script project is a simple drawing program. The pen extension can also used to make games and simulations, as well as other projects.


Note Note: Click on a block to learn more about it.

Scratch 3.0 has the following 9 Pen Stack blocks:

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