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The Surprise button is the icon second from the top going down.
The Sur­prise bu­tton in 1.x

The Surprise Button, previously named as the Random Sprite button, or referred to as the Get Surprise Sprite button, is a feature in Scratch 3.0 and Scratch 1.x that allows the user to load a random sprite from Scratch's sprite folders, including user-made sprites. This was taken out of Scratch 2.0 for an unknown reason. Some Scratchers suggested it to be added back into Scratch 2.0.[1] In the release of Scratch 3.0, it was added back as the Surprise button, with the ability to select a random sound, backdrop, costume, or sprite.


Here are a few common uses for the button:

  • To get ideas for a project
  • To make a challenge. For example, make a project with two random sprites
  • Getting a sprite quickly
  • Getting characters that are always different so the project varies

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