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Stickers are a type of art in which a drawing has a white outline which makes it look like a normal paper sticker. They are made to look like digitally made paper stickers.

Making Stickers

To make stickers:

  1. Draw something simple like an ice cream or an apple.
  2. Select it, and copy it.
  3. Paste it, and now fill it with white.
  4. Now, align them both.
  5. Then, add an outline and set the thickness to about 20.
  6. After completing that, press the "Back" button. The white image will shift to the back layer. The sticker is finished.[1]


  • To have a smooth finish, use the vector mode. Using the bitmap mode will pixelate the sticker.
  • If all of the elements of the original drawing are grouped before being copied, this will make it easier to resume the process of making a sticker if the copy is de-selected by accident.
  • Start with simple images. Complicated images have a lot of curves and lines, and will make the process harder.
  • Practice. The first sticker may not be the best, but the more one practices, the better one's sticker will be.
An example of a finished sticker.


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