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A speech text engine is a way to make a sprite say each character, one by one. This can be used in a variety of projects, such as stories.

Note Note: This should not be confused with a rendering text engine, such as this one.

Making the Engine

To make this text engine enter this script into a sprite:

define say (text) with a (second) wait
set [letter v] to [0]
set [say v] to [] // Say should not be set to 0, rather it should be set to nothing (space)
repeat (length of (text)
change [letter v] by (1)
set [say v] to (join (say)(letter (letter) of (text)
say (say)
wait (second) secs //A recommended wait time is 0.05 secs

The custom block can then be used to have a sprite talk with a speech bubble one letter at a time. The sentence will look as if it is being typed into the speech bubble. Simply just put the custom block into any script that you want!