This article is about the Text to Speech block. For the looks block, see Say () (block).
Speak ()
speak ()
Category Text to Speech
Type Stack
Introduced in 3.0

The speak () block is a stack block and a Text to Speech block. The block uses the text to speech tool to speak the given text. It will speak the selected voice with the language selected in the Set Language to () block.


In simple animations:

when green flag clicked
broadcast (message 1 v)
say [Hello]

when I receive [message 1 v]
speak [Hello]

A non-player character in an RPG:

when Green Flag clicked
    if <(distance to (player v)) < [50]> then
        speak [hello there]
        wait until <not<(distance to (player v)) < [50]>>

Speaking text in a different language:

when green flag clicked
set language to (language::variables)
speak (translate [Hello] to (language::variables))

Speaking text with a different voice:

when green flag clicked
set voice to (Giant v)
speak [Hello]

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