Sound Blocks is one of the ten categories of Scratch blocks. They are color-coded pink/magenta, and are used to control sound and MIDI functions.

There are currently 13 Sound blocks: 11 Stack blocks and 2 Reporter blocks.


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Scratch 2.0 has the following 11 Sound Stack blocks:

Scratch 2.0 has the following 2 Sound Reporter blocks:

Scratch 2.0 Sounds

Scratch 2.0 MIDI instruments currently have a fairly low sound quality because of Flash's small sound library. Therefore, the Scratch Team has developed their own sounds and is planning on redoing many of them. It is possible to record additional sounds and play them in a project.

In Scratch 3.0

Main article: Music Extension

In Scratch 3.0, instruments blocks (drum, note, rest, and tempo) will be an extension like Pen Blocks in order to be easier for new scratchers.[1]