"Sign In" redirects here. For signing in to the Scratch Wiki, see Special:UserLogin.

The Process of Signing In

The button titled "Sign In" can be found on the right end of the Navigation Bar, which located at the top. Selecting it will show the user two boxes which will ask he/she to enter their username and password, which are set when originally creating an account. Below those fields, there is a button, which says 'Sign In', that is clicked when the user has finished entering their sign-in information.

Advantages of Signing In

Signing in allows the use of numerous features within Scratch. Without signing in, projects that the user creates or edits cannot be saved unless they are downloaded onto their computer. Other actions like commenting, following and account management can be done only while the user is signed in.

Need Help?

There is a link titled, "Need Help?". By clicking it, the user will be sent to a page titled "Reset Password".

From here, the user should enter the account's username, or enter the email address the account was registered with. By clicking "Send me a password reset link!", Scratch will automatically send an email with instructions on how to reset the password.