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This article is about signatures on the forums. For custom signatures on the Scratch Wiki, see Scratch Wiki:Custom Signatures.

A signature (often shortened to "sig" or "siggy") is a feature on the Scratch Forums which allows a Scratcher to have a certain piece of text (often marked up with BBCode), and even images, appear automatically below each of their forum posts.

Creating/Changing a Signature

The link to change one's signature.

To create a signature, scroll down to the bottom of the home discussion (forum) page and click the "Change your signature" link. There, you will be brought to a webpage in which your signature can be edited in the provided text box. See the example content section for some ideas or inspiration.

New users often mistake signatures as text actually typed at the end of each post;[1] they might add their signatures manually, usually separated by a line of underscores to look like the official signatures.


There are a number of restrictions on forum signatures:

  • Images cannot exceed 150px in height, as images higher get cut off.[2] (It is possible however, to make the image smaller, by using [scroll]...[/scroll].)
  • They must follow the Community Guidelines.
  • All restrictions from New Scratchers still apply.
  • New scratchers can't include images.

Signatures may, however, contain the following:

  • BBCode markup, including images and links.

Example Content

An example of a signature.
  • A favorite quote
  • A banner (one can ask for a custom banner on the Requests forum or make it themselves)
  • An advertisement for a project
  • A "navigation bar" signature with links to the user's profile page, recent project, wiki talk page, etc.
  • Very funny pictures
  • Accomplishments
  • You can also use the [scratchblocks] feature in your signature.

Scratchers have been extremely creative with their signatures. Some interesting uses are:

  • "Project pick of the week" — signatures which advertise a project each week
  • PHP-image based signatures which use PHP APIs to display up-to-date statistics
    • This is no longer possible because of the restricted image hosting and abuse.
  • Adding internet counters from http://internetometer.com/
  • Adding hidden text under the signature that it can be only seen by a device formatted for it or by using Inspect Element.
  • Some trend activities, especially Evil Kumquats

Wiki Signatures

A signature when signing on a talk page can be made with 4 tildes (~~~~). This shows the user's avatar, username, date, and a link to his/her user talk page and contributions.

The creation of, usage of, and restrictions on custom Wiki signatures are documented at Scratch Wiki:Custom Signatures.

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