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Show and Tell
Forum ID: 8
Amount of activity: High amount of topics and a moderate amount of replies.
Opened: 2007
Types of users who can post: Everybody.
Brief description: "Tell everyone about your projects and studios."

The Show and Tell forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where Scratchers can advertise their projects, studios, and profiles to others. The forum is also a place to house events such as contests, along with guides to getting more views and such. It has the most topics of any forum, with over 90,000 topics as of July 2021.[1]

What the Forum Contains

Even though the forum was made for advertising projects and studios, not all of the topics do so.

The topics usually fall under these areas:


The advertisements mainly consist of a brief description of the object, possibly a picture, and a link to the object. Projects are the main objects advertised, but studios are advertised also — occasionally there are advertisements for other Scratch-related subjects as well. Advertisements for objects that have no relevance to Scratch are usually closed; the forum is only for Scratch-related content.

There are so many advertisements posted that many of them only get a few posts and most of the advertisements are quickly swept down through the forum's pages.

Sometimes though, there are more fancy threads. The Scratch Cat's Hideout is one of the largest advertisement threads on the Scratch Forums, in Show and Tell. It was originally created by Borrego6165; but he later gave it to the user XenoK on April 29, 2012, to make some finer adjustments and renovations of the advert thread (which is on a separate page). XenoK gave The Scratch Cat's Hideout to coolhogs on June 17, 2012. It was continued in Scratch 2.0 by Borrego6165.[2]


Many Scratchers dream to become famous — there are many guides written that contain tips to get more views and such. There are also other guides for things such as writing a better advertisement.

Many guides can be found in the ITopic index.[citation needed]

YouTube Video Tests

A popular user had once made a YouTube video that taught users how to feature YouTube videos in Scratch projects.[3] Many users found that video, which resulted in an extremely large amount of topics advertising YouTube videos, which goes against the rules of the forum. Eventually, the user DipLeChip to made a sticky explaining that this was not allowed.[4] It did not entirely stop the tests. Eventually, the original video was removed at the request of another Scratcher, who explained the disruption it caused to the forum. Following that, the "YouTube video tests" slowed, and the sticky made by @DipLeChip was closed.[5]


Show and Tell used to be the most active forum on Scratch 1.4, but no longer on Scratch 2.0.[citation needed]

The forum is still very active, with numerous advertisements posted each day and the most forum topics.


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