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A shop is a forum thread, usually in the Requests forum, where a Scratcher can get resources and media (like sprites, scripts, music, and more) on request. They can be very useful, for example, if one wanted to make make a game with fish, but did not know how to draw them, they could find a shop that "sells" art. People may make shops to get out around into the scratch world, make new friends, or simply may want to offer their skill to others. However, shops in the context of Scratch tend not to require an exchange of money to receive the product.

Art Shops

They are forums that "sell" sprites, logos, or other things related to art for other Scratchers to use. Sometimes shops will contain a specific type of art for others to use, such as animals or fantasy objects. Other times Scratchers can request specific sprites, backdrops, signatures, and more. These can then be used in many ways such as advertising and in a users' project.

BBCode Shops

BBCode Shops help users with more advanced BBCode features for post formatting. This service is usually incorporated into a larger shop as a side-shop.[1][2][3] BBCode services include custom colors on scratch blocks and other advanced techniques.

Review Shops

These are forum topics which give feedback on certain projects and other pieces of work. Review shops will generally review any media type, but some specialize on projects or art. Review shops give feedback in various ways, such as forms or comments.[4]

Sound/Music Shops

A sound shop is a forum that sell sounds effects and music for other Scratchers to use. These kinds of shops are not very common, as there are not many musicians that are on Scratch.

Voice Acting Shops

Main article: Voice Acting

A Voice Acting shop is a sound shop with voices, where Scratchers can request voice actors for a project or animation they might be making.

Script Shops

Main article: Custom Blocks

A script shop is a forum where you can request scripts to use in a project. These are useful when one does not know how to make a script work properly, such as when making a cloud list. One of the most common type of script shops is a custom block shop, where Scratchers create Custom Blocks for others to use.

Idea Shops

Main article: Idea Shop

An Idea Shop is a shop where Scratchers can get ideas for projects. Much of the time these are located in the Project Ideas forum instead of the Requests forum where most shops are located.[citation needed]

Writing Shops

Writing shops are generally fairly common, but are usually just a side-project of everything shops.[5][citation needed] They can offer fiction and non-fiction writing pieces as well as inspirational poems and grammar checking.

Everything Shops

Everything shops have a lot of order forms for many different products, such as art, music, and scripts. These are very common in the forums and have generally been the most successful over time.[6] However, some believe that more specialty shops should exist.[7]

Shop Federations

Shop federations exist in which shops discuss innovations in the field, exchange orders and perform other activities to increase community interaction. Some Shop Federations also open out to collaborations and partner with other federations to expand. The largest ever shop federation counted by shops is the The Shop Federation.[8]

Shop Directories

Shop directories are usually used by people looking for a place to get help. They are usually sorted out for ease of use and allow for advertising for smaller and larger shops. The current shop directory is The NEW Shop Directory! (also known as the Shop Directory 8.0).[9]

Ordering From Scratch Shops

An example empty order form.

Shops on Scratch often provide an order form to fill out, however, if you are having trouble finding or using the form, please politely ask for assistance from the Shop owner or staff. Order forms can vary based on the product.

Making Good Requests

An example completed order form.

They must be filled in with lots of detail so orderers can get what they want exactly. Being polite while ordering is important as employees are likely to try harder.

  • Remember timezones when setting a time limit. It’s also good to think: would you be able to do it in that amount of time?
  • Don’t ask for anything too complicated.
  • Look for a good-quality Shop! While larger shops are very trustworthy and reliable, many find that orders at them can get drowned down. While they do provide more examples, which can be useful, smaller shops usually have more dedicated members who want to advance their shop. It is recommended to look at the newest Shop Directory if you want to find a good shop.
  • Be specific. You can only blame yourself if you receive a white sheep when you actually wanted a black sheep, but didn’t specify it in the order form
  • Ordering at multiple shops is a good idea however be sure to let them know in the order form so they are not disappointed if you don’t use it
  • Be polite. They are doing a service. Many know from experience that a simple ‘please’ can make me much more happy to complete the order. [10]

Shop members

A lot of shops ask for people to join their shops, to help them out. They are sometimes known as employees, and they work for and help out the shops by completing requests. Some shops entice their members with followers and loves/favourites[11], however this is not practiced by most shops.[12][13]


  6. The majority of successful shops are everything shops or became everything shops early on.