Set Voice to ()
set voice to ( v):: tts
Category Text to Speech
Type Stack
Introduced in 3.0

The set voice to () block is a Text to Speech block and a stack block. The block changes the current voice used in Text to Speech.


The block has a drop down that contains a list of voices that can be switched to. They are:

Name Description
alto standard female voice
tenor standard male voice, deep female voice[a]
squeak high-pitched female voice
giant deep male voice, very deep female voice[a]
kitten repeatedly says "meow" but sometimes at a different length
  1. a b Some languages do not have male voices as the API used for the translate extension does not provide male voices for all languages, and instead uses the same female voice but pitched down.


  • Setting the initial voice for a sprite
set voice to (squeak v):: tts
  • Using multiple voices in the same project
when green flag clicked
set voice to (squeak v):: tts
speak [Hello.]:: tts
set voice to (alto v):: tts
speak [Hello again.]:: tts

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