This article is about the block. For the rotation style feature, see Rotation Style.
Set Rotation Style ()
2.0 Set Rotation Style ().png
Category Motion
Type Stack
Introduced in 2.0

The Set Rotation Style () block is a Motion block and a Stack block. The block changes the Rotation Style of the sprite in-project. Regardless of the style, the variable direction will still change.


The drop-down menu for the Set Rotation Style () block.
Main article: Rotation Style

There are three options for this block: all around, left-right, and do not rotate. All around means the sprite can face any of the 360 degrees. It is the default. Left-right means the sprite can only face left or right, and any other directions are rounded. The sprite will also be horizontally flipped when facing left in the left-right style. Do not rotate means that the sprite always faces as in 90°.

Example Uses

This block can be used if a sprite must move in different manners throughout the project. Here are a few possible uses:

  • Animations
set rotation style [all around v]
point in direction (-90 v)
say [Look! I'm upside-down!] for (2) secs
say [This is cool! I feel like a bat!] for (2) secs
set rotation style [left-right v]
say [And now I'm on the ground again.] for (2) secs
  • Allowing a person to look left or right
when gf clicked
  if <mouse down?> then
    set rotation style [all around v]
    point towards [mouse pointer v]
    if <key [left arrow v] pressed?> then
      set rotation style [left-right v]
      point in direction (-90 v)
    if <key [right arrow v] pressed?> then
      set rotation style [left-right v]
      point in direction (90 v)
  • Forcing a sprite not to turn while paused
when I receive [game paused v]
set rotation style [do not rotate v]

In Scratch 1.x

Despite not available, this can be added via Shift-Click-R. Scratch-Objects => ScratchSpriteMorph => instance => motion ops

 setRotationStyleTo: t1
     rotationStyle _ t1
     ^ self

Then, Scratch-Objects => ScratchSpriteMorph => class => block specs => blockSpecs

 #- ('set rotation style %n' #- #setRotationStyleTo: 2)

The block will appear as follows:

set rotation style (2)

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