Set Pen Saturation to ()
2.0 Set Pen Shade to ().png
Category Pen
Type Stack

The Set Pen Shade to () block is a Pen block and a Stack block. The block sets the pen's shade to the specified amount. A 200 pen saturation value is the same saturation as a 0 pen saturation value. In other words, if you change the pen saturation by 200, the saturation still looks the same.

The possible range of saturation you can get using the Set Pen Shade to ().png block without changing the color, here 0.

Example Uses

In art projects, the pen that the viewer controls might want to be pressed harder or lighter — this block does the job.

Some common uses for the Set Pen saturation to () block:

  • Repeatedly choosing the pen saturation while the pen is being used to create art with different saturations.
set pen shade to (pick random (0) to (100))
  • Setting pen saturations for an art program
ask [Saturation?] and wait
set pen shade to (answer)
  • In projects that draw objects with the pen, choosing the saturation of the object(s)
repeat (200)
move (1) steps
set pen shade to (pick random (0) to (100))

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