This article is about the Looks Block. For the sound block, see Set () Effect to () (Sound block).
Set () Effect to ()
set [color v] effect to (0)
Category Looks
Type Stack

The Set () Effect to () block is a Looks block and a Stack block. The block sets the specified effect on its sprite to the specified amount. There are seven different effects to choose from: color, fisheye, whirl, pixelate, mosaic, brightness, and ghost.

Example Uses

This block is used to set the value of an effect. Some common uses are:

  • Changing the color of a sprite with the color effect
    set [color v] effect to (1)
    say [Want to see a different color?] for (2) seconds
    set [color v] effect to (20)
  • Using the fisheye effect to make a sprite look like it is in water
  • Whirling sprites with the whirl effect
  • Pixelating sprites with the pixelate effect
set [pixelate v] effect to (10)
say [8-Bit is awesome!]
  • Creating the illusion of multiple sprites with the mosaic effect
  • Creating different brightness levels with the brightness effect
if <(light on?) = [yes]> then
    set [brightness v] effect to (50)
    set [brightness v] effect to (-50)
  • Making sprites transparent with the ghost effect
when I receive [Begin! v]
set [ghost v] effect to (50)
say [Boo, I'm a ghost and I'm going to be your guide for your haunted house tour!] for (5) seconds
  • Making sprites fade with the ghost effect

There can be multiple effects on a sprite at once — effects can be combined to produce more effects.

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