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A series, also referred to as a Scratch Series, is usually a collection of projects that are connected, however some may have no continuity at all. They are usually grouped into studios which present the series' name.[citation needed]


Most shows on Scratch have seasons, which contain a certain number of episodes. Most series on Scratch only have one season. Some series, though, have two or more seasons. Very few shows have made it past a third season.[citation needed]


Sometimes, a Scratch series might go on hiatus. Usually, hiatuses happen in-between seasons. They also might happen in the middle of a season.[citation needed]

Long-running Series

On Scratch, long-running shows are rare, because most Scratchers only usually retire fast or just move on to other series.[citation needed] Most long-running series are very popular and get a lot of views, which gives the creator motivation to make more seasons and episodes.[citation needed] Some long running series might have originally been cancelled, but the series might get very popular all of the sudden, which will most likely encourage the creator to make more episodes.[citation needed]

Collaboration Shows

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Some Scratchers may collaborate to make a series.