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A scroller is a type of project that makes the background "scroll", or move out of the screen to make it feel like the player is moving.

Note Note: This tutorial specifically deals only with x scrolling, but the concepts can be used for y scrolling.



3 sprites are needed for this scrolling game. Although you can use 1 sprite for the scrolling, the player and the level creator are used in this example.

  • Level creator: The level creator will create and render the level.
  • Game loop: The Game loop will start and manage the program.
  • The Player: The player is the sprite you will control.


Only the player and the Level Creator have costumes. Make sure that the costumes of the level creator line up correctly.


Game loop

when flag clicked
broadcast [Setup v] and wait
broadcast [Begin Game Loop v]

Next in the Setup broadcast:

when I receive [Setup v]