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Scratchtober is an annual Scratch event that occurs every October for the first 2 weeks, inspired off of Inktober. Each day during the event, a specific prompt will be highlighted. Scratchers are then invited to create projects based on that prompt. The prompt changes every day, but Scratchers are allowed to use previous prompts from that year for the duration of the event.

Scratchtober 2020

Main article: Scratchtober 2020

Scratchtober 2020 was the first Scratchtober to be held by the Scratch Team. The prompt project can be found here, and the studio here.

Scratchtober 2021

Main article: Scratchtober 2021

Scratchtober 2021 was the second Scratchtober event. The Scratch Team released a countdown project on September 27th. On October 1st, the prompts project and Scratchtober studio were released.

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