Scratch to the Future Camp was the fifth Official Scratch Camp held on the Scratch Website through the month of July 2016. The camp is a sequel to the Mix and Match Camp, hosted by Scratch Team members scmb1, ceebee, technoboy10, and Pinkfoot123. The main theme of the camp was the future and science fiction.[citation needed] The title is a parody of Back to the Future, a well-known science fiction film.

Teaser Projects

On July 13, 2016, Host Pinkfoot123 shared a teaser project for the Scratch Camp.[1] The project showed a normal girl finding a clock that transports her through time to the future. She catches a futuristic bus to Scratch Camp 2016 wearing futuristic clothes. The description announced that Scratchers would find where she went on July 28th when the camp officially launched. This project was remixed by other Hosts scmb1 and ceebee. Camp Counselors had also been asked to remix the project to spread the word, although anyone could remix and add their own futuristic character.[citation needed]

Camp Objectives

The theme of this camp was similar to the prior year's Mix and Match Camp. Projects were made with art by the Community and then remixed by others.

Part One

Part One of Scratch to the Future Camp was held through the dates of July 18th through the 25th. A studio was created asking users to submit a project filled with custom-made sprites and backdrops of different futuristic items. Its description stated:

Welcome to Scratch to The Future Camp! In this multi-week online camp, we’ll be imagining the future of transportation, fashion, music, and more!

During this week you’ll be making sprites and backdrops of things and settings you imagine. Create projects with one or more sprites and backdrops. We encourage you to also add scripts and sounds to make them animated, interactive, or musical!

– Scratch to the Future Camp Studio Part One and Two[2]

Users would submit their projects in the comment section and a Camp Counselor would add them.

Part Two

The studio icon for the Part Two studio.

Part Two of Scratch to the Future Camp was held through the dates of July 25th through the 27th. This part took place in the same studio as part one. The description was changed to a new objective of having users remix other projects made during part one and adding their own sprites or twist to them. Its new description stated:

During this step, pick somebody’s project in this studio and remix it to add your own ideas. Try adding scripts or changing the way they look-- what if the futuristic car they made could fly? What if the clothes they drew were made of metal? Be creative!

– Scratch to the Future Camp Studio Part One and Two[3]

Once again, users would submit their project to have a Camp Counselor add them.

Final Step (part three)

The Final Step of Scratch to the Future Camp was held through the dates of July 28th through August 4th. This part built upon part two and asked users to take things to a new level by incorporating at least 3 sprites or backdrops created by other users in your project to be added. Its description stated:

We have a lot of sprites and backdrops-- it’s time to put them together to make bigger projects! Take at least 3 sprites and/or backdrops that other Scratchers made in the previous steps and create a story, game, or animation that takes place in the future.

– Scratch to the Future Camp Final Step Studio[4]

This step concluded the Scratch to the Future camp.

Camp Counselors

The studio icon for the camp counselors studio.

The camp included 16 Counselors to help respond to comments, curate/add projects to the studio, and help users with any questions. They were:

  • coke11
  • SquiggleStudios
  • pianogirl84
  • rainbow_waves
  • -frappelove-
  • st19_galla
  • technoboy10*
  • bubble103
  • Abstract-
  • CrazyNimbus
  • Pepestan_Gaming
  • carmenchu
  • jacko1234567
  • -Coralreef-
  • Ageren
  • samanthaflorence

In order of studio acceptance[5]

"*" denotes a Scratch Team member.

The Camp Counselors also had a studio known as "Scratch to the Future Camp Counselors".[6] Its description states that its purpose is for:

This is a studio for the Camp Counselors to meet, chat and organize! It will also contain the camp teasers remixed by the counselors. :)

If you are a counselor, please remix the camp teaser and add it to the studio so that potential campers can get to know your futuristic characters! We would also like counselors to answer questions, give feedback and add projects to studios during camp!

– Scratch to the Future Camp Counselors studio

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