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Why!? Programming is a TV program about Scratch broadcasted by NHK in Japan. Below this, all the time zone is JST.

Broadcasting so far

Season 1st

In February 2016, it is announced that a TV program about programming was going to be broadcasted.[1] They were broadcasted in March 2016, 15:00. They were five programs:

  • Move a broken fish (motion blocks, costumes) Program Jason:sequence
  • Fix a funny dance (graphic effect, sound blocks) Program Jason:iteration
  • Make a shooting game with stationery (position) Program Jason:selection
  • Rescue polar bears (line trace) Program Jason:synchronization
  • Cheer the Apple Dog Max (loudness, operators) Program Jason:algorithm of bubble sort

Season 2nd

Season 2nd was held from August 1, 2016 to August 3, 2016. They were broadcasted:

  • Make a funhouse (broadcast) Program Jason:iteration with selection
  • Let it rain in Max's farm (cloning, random number) Fix Jason:default value
  • Let a frog jump (jumping) Program Jason:abstraction

There is a new website named "WaiWai Programming". (see below)

Season 3rd

Season 3rd was broadcasted in March 2017. They were broadcasted:

Become Regular

It was decided that Why!? Programming became a regular TV program. It is now broadcasted at 9:55 on Thursdays.

  • Join to the Why!? Ogiri!
  • Fix the miracle butterfly (pen) Jason is here:in the fridge
  • Fix the funny noodle shop (list) Jason is here:faucet with sensor
  • Fix "Super Robot WONDERFUL" (connecting to a board via phone connector) Jason is here:traffic light
  • Let a frog return home (scrolling) Fix Jason:wait until block


  • Atsugiri Jason
  • Ram - voice by Noriko Hidaka
  • Prog - voice by IKKAN


Except some special cases (such as "Join to the Why!? Ogiri!"), they have three segments:

  • Main segment is separated by 2 parts.
  • Program Jason (sometimes Fix Jason) or Jason is here (between the first and second main segment)
  • Scratcher's Program (the last segment of the TV program)

Main Segment

Jason programs something and Ram and Prog help him. All the programs are available at NHK_for_School account in Scratch.

Program Jason

This segment tells the basic programming technology with some programs.

Fix Jason

This segment is a scene that something is wrong with Jason's program. No answers to fix them are told in the TV program, but the answers are available in the official website.

Jason is here

Nowadays a lot of things are programed. This segment tells how they work with a simple script.

Scratcher's Project

This segment is an interview to the programmer of the Scratch Project.

WaiWai Programming

WaiWai Programming (Creative Kids Get-together) is Scratch programmers' community website.

Why!? Ogiri

Why!? Ogiri (@midnight for Scratch) is a famous contest of Scratch. Every month Scratchers apply a project and some projects are selected. The theme is "Make something with voice or sound!" now.

Scratchers' Projects

Any Scratchers can apply their shared projects in Scratch for it. This is not the same as the segment of the TV program.

Getting Started with Scratch

This is a video-tutorial to join Scratch.


This is an interview to some real programmers.

Videos about Scratch Blocks

There are a lot of videos which tell how to use a block. Currently there are six categories.

International Emmy Awards

This TV program is nominated for 2017 International Emmy Awards Kids:Digital department.[2]


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