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This article is about the Scratch Team event in zero-gravity. For the Scratch plugin, see Scratch Space.
Scratch in Space Logo

In 2017, Scratch Team member speakvisually had the opportunity to board a zero-gravity flight and view Scratch Projects. The Scratch Team was inviting users to create Scratch projects to be sent with speakvisually to space for him to use in zero-gravity.

Scratch in Space Studio

The official studio for Scratch In Space can be found here. In it, Scratchers could request projects to be added that speakvisually may be able to use while in zero-gravity.

Scratch in Space Forum Topic

The Scratch in Space forum topic can be found here.

Project Requirements[1]

  • Speakvisually is floating. This meant he can interact with Scratcher's projects in ways that might not be possible on earth.
  • He interacted with projects using only his body. He was not able to touch the computer, so all projects need to be able to be controlled using the "video sensing" blocks. For those who had never used Video Sensing blocks before, the Scratch Team created a tutorial to help.
  • He only has between 20–30 seconds to interact with a project. So projects should be kept within this timeframe.
  • For the flight, the Scratch Team can only select a handful of projects due to the short duration of the experiment. They plan to select a wide variety of projects - stories, games, and animations - from a variety of different folks in the Scratch community. They really appreciate everyone's contributions to this special initiative.
  • More information can be found here.

Final Project

On January 24th, 2018, Scratch in Space was completed. A review of the event can be found here. A video of the event can be found here.


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