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Scratch is available in more than 50 languages and counting.

Switching Languages

To switch languages, scroll down to the bottom of any page on the Scratch Website, open the dropdown menu labeled "English" (or whichever language you are currently using) and select the language you want to use. In the editor, click the globe button on the header and select a language.

Translating Scratch

Main article: How to Translate Scratch

Both Scratch and ScratchJr, as well as their associated educative materials such as the Video Tutorials may be translated in the Transifex platform. Users with a Transifex account may apply to the Scratch translation team and edit already existing translations or suggest a translation in a new language.

Scratch Cards may be localized as per the instructions available in the Scratch Team's GitHub page, requiring the translator to edit the cards in any one of the following formats: Portable Document Format (PDF), Adobe Indesign (INDD), PowerPoint (PPT) or Google Slides.

One may find out how to become a translator here.

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