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The Scratch YouTube Video Player

The Scratch YouTube video player is a subpage of the Scratch Website that plays YouTube videos through embedding, announced by JSO on the 2nd of February 2012.[1] All links to YouTube from anywhere on the Scratch website open in the Scratch YouTube player rather than the main Youtube site to hide comments, suggested videos, advertisements, and other content that can be inappropriate for Scratch.

On the forums, the change of web address uses a DjangoBB censor. This means when certain text, such as "" or "" is typed, it converts the text to the Scratch page text.

To see a YouTube video in the Scratch video player, go to


The first bug reported was that the title was set to "" while viewing any video because on May 10, 2015, YouTube discontinued the old viewer to upgrade it which affected many websites, including the Scratch YouTube Video Player because it was unsupported.[2] Another serious bug followed which made all links to the Scratch YouTube Player result in the Scratch Video Player 404 error,[3] no matter what video was linked. All of these bugs were fixed on July 15, 2015.[4]


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