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Nomination for Kenny2scratch

I, Kenny2scratch, wish to run in the October 2019 Scratch Wiki election.

By nominating myself to run in the election for a new Experienced Wikian...

  • I agree to all rules of the election, including both those that are already established and any new rules that may be created.
    • If any new rules are created, I will make all necessary changes to abide by them as soon as I am aware of them. If I do not make the appropriate changes, I understand that I may be disqualified from the election.
  • I agree that I will respect all decisions made by the people in charge of the election (the existing Experienced Wikians and administrators).
  • I agree that I will respect the results of the election.
  • I understand that nominating myself does not guarantee me a spot in the election, and if I am not given a spot, I will respect that decision.
  • If I have any issues with the rules, I will voice them calmly in a manner that fits the Community Guidelines and Wiki guidelines, and will respect the final decision made even if it is not in my favor. Once the final decision is made, I will make no further complaints about that rule.
  • I will do my best to make sure that the elections are civil and peaceful.
  • I understand that if I break any of the above rules, I may be disqualified from the election and receive additional consequences in keeping with the Scratch Wiki guidelines.