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Scratch Wiki Contributors are Scratchers who edit the Scratch Wiki. Scratch Wiki Contributors can edit almost any Scratch Wiki page. They can edit the page by going into the bottom left of the wiki and selecting edit or they can go to the pencil icon next to their Username and click it then click "Edit". Scratch Wiki Contributors are a big part of the Scratch Wiki because they help make sure that the Scratch Wiki does not have any false articles. To check out the editors on the Scratch Wiki, go here.

Requesting an Account

One can request a Scratch Wiki Contributor account by visiting the Request Account page on the Wiki to make sure that they are eligible for an account.

Scratch Wiki on Scratch

The Forum

One can visit the Community Portal in the forums if they have any questions or suggestions to the wiki. Many editors regularly check the forums and will reply as soon as possible.

The Studio

Along with the forum, one can visit the studio in case they have any questions, suggestions, or projects related to the Scratch Wiki.