VisualEditor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for MediaWiki. It can be enabled on the Scratch Wiki through Special:Preferences as it is in beta.


VisualEditor is currently available in the folowing namespaces:

  • Mainspace
  • User
  • Category
  • File

Skin Support

VisualEditor was originally designed for the default MediaWiki skins, which have the best support for it. ScratchWikiSkin2 does support VisualEditor reasonably well, but fixing remaining issues is a work-in-progress.

Known Issues

  • VisualEditor does not currently render the <scratchblocks> tag and does not support adding blocks to articles.
  • VisualEditor does not work on subpages (for example, it works on Curator (front page) but not Curator (front page)/List of Curators). A potential workaround has been implemented and is currently being tested.
  • VisualEditor does not work in transcluded and big pages.
  • VisualEditor leaves an awkward space at the top of the page after editing on ScratchWikiSkin

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