Userspace refers to user pages and their subpages. All pages counted in userspace are in the "User" namespace. Here is a list of pages in the user prefix.

Editing pages in userspace

Your userspace

You are allowed to edit all pages in your userspace and are allowed to put anything in them that you wish, provided that it meets the Community Guidelines. However, the Wiki Guidelines do not apply in userspace.

Others' userspace

In general, editing pages that belong to another user is not allowed. It is indeed technically restricted for New Wikians unless the owner has given permission by adding {{open userpage}} to the page in question. However, even for Wikians, there are only a few exceptions, which include:

  • Removing content that violates Community Guidelines
  • Editing pages where the owner has given you permission to edit

User talk pages

User talk pages, even the talk pages of user subpages still are counted as userspace. However, some special rules do apply:

  • Any user may leave a comment or reply to a thread on any user talk page
  • Any special introductions, formatting, etc. are still counted as userspace (i.e. anything that is not a discussion)
  • Even if it is your own page, you are not allowed to edit the messages of other users or remove them unless removing the entire thread or the message is disrespectful
  • You are only allowed to remove entire threads if the issue has been resolved. Other users may put the thread back if they have more to say.

User Images

Personal files uploaded by users (those marked with the category Users' Images or Users' Logos) are also considered a part of userspace and belong to the user who originally uploaded them. They may only be modified by other users under the following conditions:

  • If the file has a generic title (such as "My Logo.png"), then any user may add the user's username to the filename, but they must immediately notify the uploader
  • Adding a category to designate it as a user image
  • Deleting as part of mass deletions of unused files, provided a warning is placed on the image at least a week in advance
  • Automated compressing of images to save space (may only be done by a bot)
  • The same conditions applied to pages in userspace detailed above