This Scratch Wiki page is about wiki users. For Scratch users, see Scratcher.

Wiki users (also called contributors) are approved users that have the power to create and edit pages on the Scratch Wiki. Users can also log in to the Scratch Wiki, and have their own wiki user page. To become a wiki user, this form must be filled out. A list of user groups and members in each one is found here. All users must follow the normal Scratch Rules.


The user group is given instantly after an account is confirmed (see Scratch Wiki:Become a contributor). This group has more rights compared to the user group (all) which is a default user group. A comparison of the user group this group has and all the other groups can be found here.

Users can:

  • Edit and move pages (unless protected)
  • Create pages, links, and images
  • Comment on other user's talk pages
  • Use templates and the block plugin
  • Revert one edit

Users cannot, however:

  • Protect/unprotect pages
  • Delete/recover pages and edits
  • Edit protected pages (including the home page)
  • Review account requests
  • Ban users
  • Change user groups or their rights
  • Revert all the edits to a page made by one user
  • Automatically have their edits patrolled
  • Edit the user interface
  • Change featured article or image
  • Patrol or suppress edits


There are currently 3,708 users of the Scratch Wiki. Only a minority of wiki accounts are active, though: 61 users have edited at least once in the past month. That means about 1.645% of users have been active in the last 30 days, or about 1/60th of all users.

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