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This page contains an organized list of Scratch Wiki Projects (SWPs). To add an item, follow this format:

{{/Item|name=<SWP name>|results=<results page>|cp=<CP topic>|desc=<description>}}

SWPs should be added within their respective categories. Within categories, SWPs should be sorted in alphabetical order.

No Not done

  • Content
    • Language Tutorials (projectresultstalkCP)
      • Create tutorials comparing other programming languages with Scratch.
  • Wiki-related
    • Account Request Feedback (projectresultstalkCP)
      • Create and maintain a page for new users to provide feedback on the account request system.
    • Flawed Article Draft (projectresultstalkCP)
    • Scratch Wiki Adventure (projectresultstalkCP)
      • Create the Scratch Wiki Adventure "game" to help teach new Wikians the basics of the Scratch Wiki in a fun, interactive setting.
    • Tip of the Day (projectresultstalkCP)
      • Create a panel that will show one tip for each day of the year.

Yes Done

  • Wiki-related
    • Make SWP template (projectresultstalkCP)
      • This template will eventually be the template used for Scratch Wiki Projects.
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