This page outlines "Scratch Wiki Projects".

What is a Scratch Wiki Project?


A Scratch Wiki Project (SWP) is a project on the wiki that one or more people work on. This could be an article in the mainspace, a Community Portal discussion that has something to work on, or anything else that would fit.

Where is a Scratch Wiki Project located?

A SWP can be located in a lot of places on the wiki. This could be someone's userspace, the mainspace, or somewhere else that it would work in.

There are three places a project is shown; one is the work page (see below), one is the talk page (see below), and the other is a topic in the Community Portal.

What are the parts of a Scratch Wiki Project?

  • The project name — this is used to identify the project and provide a short description of it
  • The project number — this is used to identify the project in a concise way without using the name
  • The project description — this is used to tell people what the project is in a more descriptive way than the name
  • The project work page — this is where people work on the project
    • A work page could be a mainspace article, a subpage of a userpage, or somewhere else.
  • The project talk page — this is where the Wikians working on the project discuss the project
    • This would simply be the talk page of the work page.

Who works on a Scratch Wiki Project?

Any person on the wiki can, really; but there are specific jobs inside projects:

  • The project leader — the leader of the project leads everyone working on the project
    • They can assign people to work on the project.
  • The project members — these are the assigned people that work on the project

What is used to identify a Scratch Wiki Project?

{{SWP}} is used to identify a Scratch Wiki Project. There are two different types; one is for the Community Portal topic, and one is for anywhere else. There is a template at the top of the work page, talk page, and CP topic. The template lists some important information which can be seen on the template page.

How can I create a Scratch Wiki Project?

To create a project, one must find something that needs to be worked on and they are interested in leading, then adding the needed SWP templates, then they become the leader of the project and can assign others to help work on it.

List of Current and Past Scratch Wiki Projects

There is no need to worry about adding your project to a category; the template automatically does it for you.