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This is a temporary page for the Scratch Wiki Adventure's content. If this extension is compatible with the Scratch Wiki and is installed, the content will be moved to a permanent location using it. This page is organized by section (Intro, Userpage Basics, Message on Talk Page, Editing Articles, Using Files & Posting on Other Talk Pages) and further organized by each page a user would see with the extension.


Before the beginning, please read S:GUIDES for the rules.


Hello, and welcome to the Scratch Wiki Adventure (SWA)! This program will help teach you the basics of the Scratch Wiki, including user page basics, responding to messages on your talk page, creating and editing articles, uploading and using files and posting on talk pages. This adventure will take approximately (how long it takes) minutes. You can leave it at any time by pressing the (X) Button. Press the [Next] button to continue.

Userpage Basics

Your Userpage

First, you will create your user page. A user page is where users can introduce themselves. Under Scratch’s community guidelines (which still apply to this Wiki), personal information is banned.

Create Your Userpage

Let's create a userpage for yourself. You can tell the community some information about yourself, what your working on, and more! To begin editing your userpage, click here. Once done, put "I created my userpage!" in the summary box, and click the button titled "Save changes."

Adding Different Text

Wow! I love what you did with your userpage! Next, let's add some flair to it. Find a part of your userpage that you think should be BOLD, and place three apostrophes on each side of the text. Ex: '''This is in bold!''' This would look like this: This is in bold! Since this is a small edit, click the box marked "This is a minor edit" before you submit, and set your edit summary to "Adding bold text."

Adding Different Text Cont.

Looking good! You can also add in italics. Find a part of your userpage that you think should be in italics, and place two apostrophes on each side of the text. For example: ''This is in italics!'', which would end up looking like this: This is in italics! This is also a minor edit, so you can select the box again. Set your edit summary to "Adding italicised text."

Message On Talk Page

To create open a new topic, just click to Pen --> New Topic. To reply or send a post, go to the page's title, find the [Edit] button and click it.

Sign a post

After writing a post, there is one more thing you have to do: Signing it

  1. You can sign your post by typing ~~~~
  2. Click the signature button to sign
    The button to insert "~~~~"
  3. Use the "Sign your username:" section. It can be found at the bottom of the page.

Creating/Editing Articles

Create an Article

Write your title to Search. Then, create it and write the context. Finally, add a category to the article. For example, if you want to add the article to "Scratch Wiki" category, write [[Category:Scratch Wiki]].

Edit an Article

Just go to the article, click Pen Button ---> Edit.

Creating/Using Files

Create a File

Go to Special:Upload. Click Choose the file, upload it, and then write your file's name and summary.

Use a File

[[File:Filename.suffix]] to use the full version of the file
[[File:Filename.suffix|200px|thumb|left|caption]] to use a 200 pixel wide rendition in a box in the left margin with 'caption' as description
[[:File:Filename.suffix]] for linking to the file without displaying the file
[[Media:Filename.suffix]] for linking to the plain file rather than the file's page on the wiki


Congratulations! You have finished the Scratch Wiki Adventure! Good luck and good edits on the Wiki!