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Flawed Article Draft


Write and add flaws to a new version of the Flawed Article.


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This serves as a staging area for the new flawed article that users will use when they request an account. It has not yet been determined at which time this will replace the current flawed article.

Note that to keep this cohesive, prevent an inordinate amount of flaws from being present, and make sure that admins handling account requests keep track of all the flaws, this page has been protected. You may suggest changes on the talk page.

Currently we are seeking community input on which article to base it on. The article should be about a relatively high-profile topic but should not be the Scratch Team article (as we use that in the sample request notes) or the Paint Editor or Scratch 3.0 (as those have been previously used for the flawed article). Ideas for articles should be submitted by August 10th.

Article Requirements

Writing an account request should ideally take less than five minutes but still require some investment of effort. To that end, we want to make sure the article has a significant number of flaws that are not overly difficult to find and also has a significant number of things that could be added. However, we do not want to make the article so poorly written that someone can find all the flaws instantly.


The article needs to have an introduction and a significant amount of content that a real article about the chosen subject would have. However, the article should not be extremely long. The current flawed article is a good reference for the length that the new article should be.


The article should have no more than two flaws per type of flaw identified in the account request instructions, and ideally not more than one of each kind for most kinds. There is not a requirement that there be a flaw of every kind listed. However, there should be significantly more flaws than the three required to be identified. Flaws also should not be overly obscure.

Missing Things

There should be at least one thing that could reasonably added from each category.

Current Suggestions

The following topics have been suggested as a basis for the new flawed article:

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