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June 2017 Election

The fourth Scratch Wiki election was held in June 2017. Two new Experienced Wikians (makethebrainhappy and customhacker) were chosen, and one new sysop (Turkey3) was appointed.


Circle.png banana439monkey (talk | contribs) — Hey there. I'm Banana439monkey. I've been here for over two years and with 1300+ edits, I've helped fix grammar, update the SDS and FPC pages and make templates. I also know Wiki Markup, as demonstrated by my userpage. I'm also active on the wiki. Without activity, to be honest, I wouldn't nominate myself. I wouldn't know about the election. I also see a lot of pages not related to Scratch, or have the necessity to be deleted in which case being an EW would help the issue. I also consider myself good at reviewing things, therefore I would consider myself well at reviewing account requests. Also, good luck to other people.

Circle.png customhacker (talk | contribs) — Heya! I'm Customhacker. I’m familiar with the community; using Scratch for almost 3 years, and spending 1 year in the Forums. I joined the Wiki some time ago, and I’ve seen it grow and change. Through my time in both communities, I know what we need: Leadership - which I can not only provide, but handle properly. The Wiki needs more organization. I’ve seen multiple Wikians join who would like to be active and helpful - but can't, as we left them to figure everything out! Users get S:NEW and S:CHEAT in their welcome message which isn't enough. I hate seeing users floundering, as they aren't able to reply to others. That’s the most basic thing on the Wiki - but users aren’t taught how to do it! This needs to change. I’m the person who can start this revolution of the Wiki, and I’m not afraid to do it. Vote Customhacker for EW! Circle.png kenny2scratch (talk | contribs) — I've been here since January, and I've made 1400+ edits (edit counts aren't really what matters, though). I know about 90% of every markup language used on the Wiki, and I use them to make edit after high quality mainspace edit. In the time I've been here, I've revamped some pages, fixed countless language errors, and made quite a few new pages. Oh, don't forget welcoming people! I really think that new users don't get the love they deserve; they're mostly ignored. I have been remedying that, both by answering questions and proactively offering help. Though I live on the other side of the world, I promise that for the rest of my programming life, I will be unswervingly active, immediately reachable, and inseparable from the main site, whether I win or not. Thank you for considering me to be an EW and for contributing. Good luck to everyone!

Circle.png makethebrainhappy (talk | contribs) — Hello Scratch Wiki Members, my name is MakeTheBrainHappy and I hope to be your next EW. As an EW, I will continue to look for ways to help connect the main site to the wiki by supporting wiki Wednesday and receiving community feedback on what should be added to the wiki. By sparking interest in the wiki I will support activity growth and encourage new users to join us :). Personally I have written six stickied guides in the forums and many more ITopics. On the wiki I have been active over these past two years adding edits, paragraphs, and references to improve the wiki and it's culture. I have served in many leadership capacities in the scratch community, and I feel that I would serve well in the capacity of experienced wikian. Thank you for reading!

  • Nominations open on June 5th
  • Nominations close on June 12th, and the existing Experienced Wikians and Administrators ("election coordinators") decide on a list of candidates to run
  • The chosen candidates will have one week to write speeches
  • Voting will open on June 19th
  • Voting will close on June 26th, and the results will be announced
Election Rules

By nominating yourself to run in the election or voting in it, you agree to all of the following rules. (The phrase "election coordinator" refers to the existing Experienced Wikians and Administrators).

  • The only advertising candidates may do is the speech on the candidates page
    • The speech is limited to 8 lines and may only contain text (no images, links, formatted text, etc.)
    • The speech may not reference other candidates in any way - they are designed for the candidates to explain why they should be EWs, not why others shouldn't be.
    • This means that advertising on the Community Portal, userpages, the Scratch website, etc. is not allowed.
  • Any person who has been on the Scratch Wiki for longer than one month and has made more than 50 edits to mainspace articles may nominate themselves.
    • If a lot of people nominate themselves, then the election coordinators will choose some of them to run in the election (the exact definitions of "a lot" and "some" will be chosen as events warrant).
  • Any Wiki contributor whose Wiki account was created before the beginning of nomination period may vote in the election (yes, we will check).
  • No user may vote in the place of another user (i.e. everyone must be logged in as the user they are voting for).
  • Only the election coordinators may play any sort of official role in the election. This includes...
    • Announcing the results at any point (you're welcome to count them yourself, but you aren't allowed to post or comment about them until the election is over and the results have been officially posted)
    • Saying anything about anyone's votes (if someone ineligible votes or otherwise violates these rules, do not deal with it yourself - get an election coordinator)
    • Telling candidates that they have to change something because it breaks the rules (e.g. speech guidelines, forbidden advertising, etc.)
  • Remember one of the core Wiki rules: If in doubt, ask before doing it.

Voting is closed. Voting used the Borda count system. In brief, voters ranked the candidates from 1 (most preferred) to n (least preferred).

Results are available here.

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