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January 2022 Election

The eighth Scratch Wiki Experienced Wikian election was in January 2022. Two candidates for EW were voted upon.


Circle.png Jammum (talk | contribs) — Hello, fellow Wikians! Thank you to every wiki contributor for making the Scratch Wiki a great Wiki! I am an active Wikian who has had over 3 years of experience here and over 4,000 edits as part of this Wiki's community. I promise to continue building this wiki and its community, using new privileges appropriately and for the greater good of this wiki, if I get elected. I will strive to help other users if they have any questions about the wiki. Circle.png wangat (talk | contribs) — Greetings, fellow Scratch Wikians! I'm wangat, an active Wikian who has been on the Scratch Wiki for almost a year. Even though I might be a newer user, I still have much experience in creating many helpful new pages, updating articles, joining in discussions, adding to help pages, welcoming new users, and answering others’ questions, along with being one of the most active Wikians. I check Recent Changes almost every day, so I can easily patrol edits. As an Experienced Wikian, I promise to help support and advance the Wiki and its community to the best that it can be.

  • Nominations opened on January 6th.
  • Nominations closed on January 13th, and the existing Experienced Wikians and Administrators ("election coordinators") decided on a list of candidates to run.
  • The chosen candidates had one week to write speeches, with the deadline of January 20th.
  • Voting opened on January 20th.
  • Voting closed on January 27th, and the results were announced.
Election Rules

By nominating yourself to run in the election or voting in it, you agree to all of the following rules. (The phrase "election coordinator" refers to the existing Experienced Wikians and Administrators).

  • The only advertising candidates may do is the speech on the candidates page
    • The speech is limited to 108 words and may only contain text (no images, links, formatted text, etc.)
    • The speech may not reference other candidates in any way - they are designed for the candidates to explain why they should be EWs, not why others shouldn't be.
    • This means that advertising on the Community Portal, userpages, the Scratch website, etc. is not allowed.
  • Any person who is a Wikian, had 50 mainspace edits before the election started, and has a good track record (including never blocked, never vandalized, etc.) may nominate themself.
    • The election coordinators may choose a subset of the nominees to run in the election
  • Any Wiki contributor whose Wiki account was created before the beginning of nomination period may vote in the election (yes, we will check).
  • No user may vote in the place of another user (i.e. everyone must be logged in as the user they are voting for).
  • Only the election coordinators may play any sort of official role in the election. This includes...
    • Saying anything about anyone's votes (if someone ineligible votes or otherwise violates these rules, do not deal with it yourself - get an election coordinator)
    • Telling candidates that they have to change something because it breaks the rules (e.g. speech guidelines, forbidden advertising, etc.)
  • Please remember: If in doubt, ask before doing it.

Voting is closed. Voters indicated whether they approved of each candidate. If 50% or more of the votes for a candidate approved of that candidate, then they became an EW. Current EWs and administrators did not vote in this election.

Results are here.

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