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February 2016 Election

Nominees for the February 2016 Wiki election can post their speeches below. Please keep in mind the election rules, and separate speeches with a section header titled the nominee's name.


Hello all fellow "Scratch Wikians", it's me, PrincessPandaLover! Since September 2014, I have been making very essential and helpful edits to all the mainspace articles, such as adding references, pictures, and important content (wow, almost made 2,500 edits); oh, and also removing unneeded content and creating several articles and redirects. I'm very sweet and gentle, welcoming new scratchers and supporting users whenever they're in trouble. Everyday, I pop up onto the wiki, review the recent changes, and do whatever needs to be done. Whenever an interesting discussion pops up, I immediately join into the conversation and start chatting about what needs to be done. Scratching since June 2013, I have a decent amount of Scratch knowledge and will not hesitate to share my methods and skills. I hope you'll vote for me and gladly congratulate me for joining in this year's election, stay Sonic!


I believe that the Scratch Wiki is a wonderful place for anyone to learn more about a wide variety of topics. I'm so grateful that I get to be here editing alongside you guys. However, I also feel that the wiki could use some valuable improvements. With contributions ranging from creating and editing many pages, I hope that you'll see me as an Experienced Wikian who will help approve account requests, keep the Wiki from being vandalized, and ensuring that it continues to be an amazing place for Scratchers to go for learning. I have experience doing the tedious work from being an SDS Curator and will approve account requests very quickly and efficiently. I pledge to be extremely active, easy-to-reach, connected to the main site (for updating the News Section and various articles), and the best EW I can be. Thank you for all of your contributions to the Scratch Wiki and for considering me to be one of the elected EWs. Wiki On! -St19_Galla


I've been here for 6 months now, and I've made 1200+ edits, I don't believe that edit counts really matter though, I think that the quality is what's important. I try to make sure that all of my edits really do make the Wiki a better place. In the time I've been here, I've made many new pages and expanded countless others, I often make redirects, fix grammar, add interwiki links and upload images, I also enjoy welcoming new users to the Wiki, and I'm always happy to answer their questions. I know lots of wiki code, HTML and CSS, which is helpful for templates. I want to be an EW so I have the powers needed to do things without having to ask an admin, such as deleting pages which go against the guidelines. I'm very active here on the wiki, which means that I could quickly update the news as soon as it comes out, I also constantly check recent changes, and I always try to fix things when needed. I also think I'd be great at reviewing account requests, as I've had the same kind-of role as Front Page Curator, an SDS curator and a Welcoming Committee Curator, where I've shown patience, and I've used my judgement to review projects, similar to reviewing account requests. Thanks for reading, and good luck to all!


I would make a great EW because I would be able to deeply disect account requests and wisely decide wether or not the person applying is a good pick for a Wiki Editor. Though I haven't made as many edits as others, I'm still a good writer. Like the Wiki is always saying, it's not the number of edits that matter, it's the quality. I like to sit down and hit the "Random" button on the wiki and correct as many errors as I can find; these are the kind of quality edits I make. While I haven't been very active as of late, I will be very active soon. I will be able to focus a great amount of my energy into the Wiki. I look forward to the chance of being able to quickly and efficently take care of the needs of this Wiki, such as deleting pages, updating the news, and confirming accounts. Thank you for this great opportunity!


Hey everybody! I’m The_Grits, and I’ve been on the Wiki for just over a year. I have nearly 3 years of experience in web development and am very familiar with markup, experience that helps me a lot when I edit the Wiki. I tend to help out in the Wiki by discussing issues in the Community Portal, expanding stubs so that they can be unstubbed, or by simply fixing the grammatical and factual errors I come across in the Wiki. The Wiki is an important learning resource for Scratchers of all stages, a resource that needs to be kept up-to-date and accurate. This is why I would like to help the community even more by becoming an Experienced Wikian. Thank you for your consideration! - The_Grits

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