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Users who have nominated themselves to run in the 2016 Scratch Wiki election are listed here. Nominations are now closed.

Any user who has at least 50 mainspace (article) edits and whose account was created on or before January 1, 2016 may nominate themselves. Please note that nominating yourself does not guarantee you will actually be able to run in the election.

Users who have nominated themselves

  • AghaCool
  • Hamish752
  • TheHockeyist
  • St19_Galla
  • PrincessPandaLover
  • fmtfmtfmt2
  • The_Grits
  • ItchyCatIII
  • Banana439monkey
  • InteractAndPlay
  • Bbciplayer
  • purplebook163
  • JayceeMinecraft

Nomination procedure

Note Note: Nominations are now closed.

To nominate yourself, please click here and submit the message. Please read through the message before you submit it and make sure you agree with everything your posting. Once you nominate yourself, an election coordinator will add your name to the list above. Once the nomination period is over, the election coordinators will choose a few people from the list to run in the final election.

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